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Skagen is blessed with a sea so rich in seafood that they could easily fill the entire menu at each restaurant.

When the area so on top of that also offers eateries that have excellent meats, potatoes and vegetables. produced by skilled farmers, on the menu, so there is ample opportunity for fantastic gastronomic experiences.

In Skagen there are restaurants for everyone and with something for every budget.

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Skagen's many surprises

Imagine a sunny day surrounded by cozy yellow townhouses, a pedestrian street filled with happy people, pearl rows of fantastic restaurants and not least the rush of the sea in the distance. You can experience everything at the top of Denmark, Skagen. The city, which exudes culture and summer idyll, attracts many tourists every year, because in Skagen you can experience Denmark's unique gems, where the many restaurants in Skagen and the North Sea should be highlighted.

The North Sea offers fascinating dunes where children love to frolic in the hilly sandy landscape. The clear water of the sea and inviting waves also invite you to a good and refreshing dip. Not least, the beach is delicious and the space is great. Freshly caught from the sea, the many restaurants in Skagen offer delicious seafood that you can enjoy in lovely surroundings. There is only one problem - which restaurant in Skagen should you choose? Each one is unique in its own way, and if you have more time in Skagen, you can look forward to having more unique restaurant experiences at Skagen's different restaurants, which not only offer seafood, you can also get a lot other great food - from gourmet to “grandma food”.

Seafood on the West Jutland West Coast

You will not get closer to the sea when you are served sumptuous seafood at Skagen Fiskerestaurant, which is located by the marina in Skagen. The restaurant is extremely popular and especially Skagen Rev, which is a large seafood dish with everything good from the sea is in high demand among the many guests who do not visit Skagen without being past Skagen Fish Restaurant. Once you've tasted the delicious fish dish, you know that this is not the last time you have set your feet on the restaurant. At Restaurant Pakhuset, which you have probably heard of due to its great popularity, you can enjoy delicious food where the freshly caught fish must not pass your nose.

Look forward to a visit to this restaurant in Skagen, where you can have a nice dinner while enjoying the beautiful view of Skagen Harbor. The restaurant is located in one of the iconic red fish warehouses, which were designed by the famous Thorvald Bindesbøll. Another restaurant in Skagen called Wittco seafood is also a good offer for a nice place to enjoy the pleasures of the sea. The restaurant has Skagen's largest seafood buffet at a small price, which is DKK 159 per person. person. If you are hungry for delicious fish but can not quite decide what you want, the fish buffet is an obvious option, where you get everything your heart desires from different fish. Seafood is available at many of Skagen's restaurants - look around and be inspired.

Danish food that takes you back to the old days

Sommeridyl rhymes with real Danish food, which is made with love, and you can of course also be enriched with that in Skagen, which has many restaurants where the Danish favorites are on the menu. The restaurant Dit Smørrebrød Skagen has, as the name suggests, a myriad of different varieties of the classic smørrebrød which is a taste that never goes out. It is a small restaurant located in the beautiful Ankerhus in the heart of Skagen, which surprises with great flavors that set the Danish summer mood.

The evening menu has the same theme - real "grandma food" which is available in different shades. Just a stone's throw from Skagen you will find Aalbæk gl. Kro & Badehotel, when you come inside, it's like stepping back in time and in the middle of a summer idyll, like you were in the old Father of Four movies. The restaurant follows the old-fashioned style with a twist of the modern, where you can enjoy everything from Kroen's good shooting stars to creamy lobster bisque. In Skagen, there are many more fantastic restaurants with Danish food and other delicacies on the menu.