Kayak surf & Tour - Skagen

Kayak surf & Tour - Skagen

Experience nature from the water and the sight of the traveling Lønstrupklint from a new perspective. Surfing in the waves along the coast at Løkken and Skagen.


Together with our experienced kayakers, you and your family get a basic introduction to handling the kayak on land and in water. We adjust the pace and distance according to the group's level.

The kayaks are for trips with the family at the beach. They are stable as they are wider than regular kayaks, and safe when sitting on top of them, instead of inside them. This makes them suitable for use with children and inexperienced.

The Sit On Top kayaks are both for play when there are waves / foam splashes and pleasant trips together with friends and family. Certificate not required.

What is included in the price:

Instructor and all necessary equipment.

Simply choose your size when ordering the ticket.

Distance: 1 - 3 km

Number of min / max: 4-10 people

Instructors: 1 instructor

Start / end: Løkken (Outnature office)

Level: For everyone (you must be able to swim)

You bring:

Swimwear towel

We bring:

Kayak, paddle, neoprene suit, life jacket, helmet & water.


You are welcome to bring your own food / drink as needed.


There are daily buses to Løkken from Hjørring / Aalborg

Your expenses:

Ticket price 400, - pr. person

Reservations are made for weather changes where the program can be changed.

Questions about the trip can be asked on tel. +45 20 60 70 71