High quality needlework

At Strikk Studio in Skagen you will find hand-knitted fashion clothes for women. Here is also an exciting selection of clothes and accessories.

All knitwear is made of natural materials of the best quality, and the clothes are either hand-knitted or machine-knitted by one of their European partners.

Strikk aims to inspire everyone regardless of age, ethnicity and gender to feel free to follow their own style and wear clothes that make them happy. They also want to encourage customers to choose quality over quantity. All their items are meant to be loved and rediscovered season after season. The belief is that the 'Slow Fashion' movement holds one of the keys to the future.

All jewelry is produced in Europe. This shortens the transport and guarantees that the working conditions are humane. Strikk has a passion for exciting natural materials and never compromises on the choice of quality for their designs. They select high quality yarn from Italian cotton mills, and are always looking for new exciting textures, shapes and colors. Clothes made of fine materials last longer, which helps to counteract mass consumption. Only natural fibers that can be degraded in the environment are used, and it is ensured that animals, nature and humans are treated well throughout the manufacture.

Hand-knitted with love

Strikk is proud to present its collection of hand-knitted garments in limited edition, where each part is unique and has a personal signature from the knitter as a guarantee that your clothes are made with love. The entire collection is carefully knitted by women for whom knitting is a very important source of income.

Who is Strikk

Strikk is founded by two sisters and their mother, who all have a passion for good craftsmanship and the knitted fashion. They have their roots and still live on a small island in Sweden's western archipelago. In an environment with fresh salty winds from the open sea, knitting has a given place in the wardrobe all year round. And from that world STRIKK was born.


Strikk Studio, Sct. Laurentii Vej 14, 9990 Skagen, +46 707 77 37 99, info@strikk.se, www.strikk.se

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