At Restaurant Gratværk, they make simple food taste heavenly. Their dishes are made out of consideration for animal welfare, ecology and sustainability. And they have no doubt that it can be tasted.

Together with traditions and crafts, they let the food speak in all its simplicity. You can choose 3, 4 or 5 dishes.

In an intimate and cozy setting in Frederikshavn, the food is served, followed by closeness and stories about their values ​​and choices. That way, they make sure not just to serve a meal, but a dining experience.

Breakfast and Gratværks Vinbar

Come and enjoy a delicious lunch of the season's fresh ingredients in the wine bar from kl. 12.00-15.00 on the opening days.

Gratværk is more than just a restaurant in Frederikshavn's pedestrian street, here it is possible to just enjoy a good glass, in cozy and quiet surroundings.

Here the focus is on ecology and local ingredients and this is also reflected in the selection of beverages. You will find a large selection of organic wines by the glass, homemade drinks, local beers and small homemade snacks.

Throughout the opening hours, there is the opportunity to come by and play a game and enjoy a cozy moment in the wine bar, drink a cup of coffee with a little sweetness or treat yourself to a homemade drink.

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Restaurant Gratværk, Havnegade 7A, 9900 Frederikshavn, +45 88 63 88 73,