Romantic bike ride with picnic basket - tapas and wine

Take your girlfriend, boyfriend or friend on a cozy and romantic bike ride in nature. We provide goodies for the trip, so you are completely ready to experience Skagen with yourself as a guide!


You will receive a map describing our suggestions for experiences in and around Skagen, and along the way you will pass many of Skagen's absolute top attractions.

Included in the price is a delicious light lunch as well as a bottle of rosé wine and - not to forget - a little chocolate that can be enjoyed on the stand with a view of the water and the sound of waves crashing. The price also includes bike rental, and rental of carpet.

The trip is very flexible, and there is plenty of opportunity to make extra stops along the way, eat ice cream, drink coffee or whatever else you might feel like along the way.

The trip is planned to last approx. 3-5 hours - but we have made sure that you can keep the bikes until 17.00, if you would like to experience more.

You get it in the price:
2xbicycle rental (incl. blanket) - possibility of tandem on request
1 fl. Rosé wine (can be exchanged for white wine)
Tart with asparagus, bacon & parmesan cheese.
Beer sausages by ØkoGris
2 kinds of cheese w/ biscuits
Salted mixed nuts
2 Michel Michaud Mini Bar Chocolate
2 water
Disposable glasses and napkins are also included.

Note: The contents of the food basket may vary.
Duration: Approx. 3+ hours depending on speed and extra stops along the way
Distance: 15 km by bike + walk to Grenen
Difficulty: Easy terrain without hills
Bring: Dress for the weather
Price: DKK 199.5, - pr. person (NOTE - min. 2 people)

Starting point: Pick up of bicycle at Fri Bikeshop, Fiskergangen 8-10, 9990 Skagen.
All weekdays from kl. 09:45 and Saturdays before kl. 13.00. Bicycle delivery must be done the same day (agreed upon collection)

NOTE: this package must be booked no later than the day before.

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