In 2022, there will be multiple exhibitions at SKAL CONTEMPORARY in Skagen. Here you can experience place-specific contemporary art based on the surroundings and the local spirit in Skagen, when nature, people and traditions are revisited in the art.

Vendsyssel has a rich art historical narrative, including the artist colony in Skagen in the late 1800s and the modernist landscape painters Engelund and Hofmeister in the middle of the 20th century. The wind-blown landscape and the special light have always been alluring and found its way to the canvas.

The focus is again on landscape and life, not only on canvas, but also through installation, performance and sound.

Vendsyssel is as much dune, heath, swamp, bog, scrub and forest as it is a resort and art history. The area is characterized by a special volatility with a landscape in perpetual motion from west to east. Sand and land move.

In 2022 you can experience the three exhibitions:

  • TWEET, TWEET 20.05.22-03.07.22
  • ONLY HERE TO ADORE 11.04.22-03.11.22 

  • Post oceanic wonders POST OCEANIC WONDERS 22.07.22-18.09.22

SKAL Contemporary, Skråvej 6f, 9990 Skagen, +45 23 29 31 85 / +45 42 21 35 37,,