Snorkling - Skagen

Snorkling - Skagen

Snorkeling with a guide in the coastal underwater environment in Løkken and Skagen


Come with Outnature on an exciting snorkeling trip along the coast, as well as piers and hips.

Here it abounds with life below the water surface in the form of fish, shellfish and mollusks, which we will experience up close. You will receive basic instruction in safe diving with a snorkel and learn about life below the surface.


Distance: 0 - 1 km.

Number of min / max: 4 - 20 people

Instructors: 1 Instructor

Start / end: Løkken (Outnature office) / Skagen

Level: For families


You bring:

Swimwear and towel


We bring:

Wetsuit, snorkel, diving goggles, flippers, emergency gear.



There are daily buses to Løkken from Hjørring / Aalborg or. to Skagen via Frederikshavn.



You are welcome to bring your own

eat / drink as needed.


Your expenses:

375, - pr. person


We reserve the right to make changes to the program.

Questions about the trip can be asked on tel. +45 20 60 70 71