West Coast Safari in 4 wheel drive vehicles - Skagen

West Coast Safari in 4 wheel drive vehicles - Skagen

Safari along the coast in four-wheel drive vehicles (Land Rovers) around the coast at Løkken to Rubjerg Knude and in Skagen to Råbjerg Mile.


Land Rover safari for the whole family where there is room for both those who want a short and a long trip along the coast at Løkken, as well as a longer trip Skagen The trips are made as active experiences where we can get off, to get out and see, touch and smell the many magnificent experiences our beautiful coast can offer.

We drive all year round, regardless of the weather.

The trips take you out to the bunkers battery and on the long trip, all the way up to Rubjerg Knude, if conditions allow. In Skagen drive from the beach at the car park on the canal road, down along the beach and to Råbjerg Mile.

The guide on the trip is always ready to answer questions, as well as tell about the nature you are in during the day.

What is included in the price:

Drive, guide

Distances: 10 - 25 km.

Duration: 2.5 hours or. 45 min.

Number of min / max: 4-10 people

Instructors: 1 guide who is also a driver

Start / end: Løkken (Outnature office), Skagen car park on Kanalvejen.

Level: Requires easy mobility

You bring:

Footwear you can walk in, clothes for rain and strong winds as well as sunglasses

We bring:

Emergency equipment for small accidents, telephone and walkie, as well as GPS.


You are welcome to bring your own additional food / drink as needed.


There are daily buses to Løkken from Hjørring / Aalborg

Your expenses:

West Coast Safari: 400, - pr. person

West Coast Safari (Short trip): 275, - pr. person

Private trip from: 4500, - for up to 10 pers.

Reservations are made for weather where the program may change.


Questions about the trip can be asked on tel. +45 20 60 70 71