Amber Safari - Skagen

Amber Safari - Skagen

Amber Safari for everyone - "The hunt for the gold of the Nordic countries" is an experience that should be seen as a workshop where you learn how to find amber!


Together we will have an intro course in how to find amber, and go on a nice trip along the coast and see if we can find the Nordic gold, namely amber. Including campfire coffee.​About the activityWe use UV-llights  which has a unique effect on amber, which reflects the light.


We talk about:

- Where, when and how can you find amber.

- What amber consists of.

- How much it can be worth.

- What it is used for and what it has been used for.

- What stories are associated with amber.


You get:

- Coffee el. cocoa m. in the price.

- Inspiration to find amber yourself.

Possibility to rent or buy a amber light.

- 2 hour Amber Safari.


Join with us and experience the beautiful nature of the West Coast in a whole new way. We meet at Løkken Moleleje or Blokhus Strand (by the ice house).

Ticket price:

Adult ticket: 150, - pr. person

Child ticket: 100, - pr. person

+ 25, - for renting a lamp


Adult ticket: 170, - pr. person

Child ticket: 70, - pr. person

+ 25, - for renting a lamp

Reservations are made for weather changes where the program can be changed.

Questions about the trip can be asked on tel.

+45 20 60 70 71

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10 December 15:30
17 December 15:30
26 December 15:30

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10 December 15:30 - 17:30
17 December 15:30 - 17:30
26 December 15:30 - 17:30