There are many reasons to visit Hjørring - Vendsyssel's largest city

Hjørring has a beautiful nature, an active city life and a sea of ​​cultural experiences, such as a visit to one of the two theaters, the local artisans or to explore the outdoor art, which is located in different places in the city. Hjørring is an active town, where there is always something to do. Take a walk in the Metropol ShoppingCenter, for example, where you can easily forget the time when you walk around the many exciting shops. If you would rather walk under the blue sky, then the pedestrian street is right next to the Metropol ShoppingCenter, where you will find a lot of specialty shops, artisans and shops you already know.

In the pedestrian zone and around this is a lot of Hjørring's good places to eat, where you can have culinary experiences that you will soon forget. If you want to experience a lot of cultural things during your holiday, then you have come to the right place. In addition to the many artisans, where you can experience and buy everything from amber jewelery from Rav-Værkstedet to paintings and ceramics, there are also many museums in Hjørring, which are definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.

Whether you are interested in history, art or botany, there is a museum for you in Hjørring. In Hjørring you will find two theaters, Vendsyssel Theater and Hjørring Theater, where you can experience performances from, among others, the Royal Theater, Folketeatret and own performances. If you are on an active holiday, Hjørring and the surrounding area has a beautiful nature that invites you out. Take, for example, one of the Kløverstier, which you can walk, run or cycle.

The Kløverstier take you through Hjørring's popular sights, the beautiful nature and the many parks that you will find inside Hjørring. In Tolne forest you will find several routes where you can retreat from the city's vibrant life and enjoy the silence. If you want to combine an active holiday with art, then Kunstruten (the Art Route) from Bjergby to Mygdal is obvious. Along this route you will find various art exhibitions, both in galleries and outdoors - experience for example Peterspladsen, which is an animal sculpture park made by a local from the area. If you want a holiday or a weekend stay with a lot of options for variety, Hjørring is the perfect destination!

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Accommodation in Hjørring

There are a myriad of options for overnight stays in Hjørring. If you want a cultural holiday, close to city life and the sights of North Jutland, a hotel stay or just a few nights in Hjørring is a perfect choice for you. Hjørring is full of shopping opportunities and cultural experiences, such as Vendsyssel Theater, Hjørring Theater and the many different museums located in and around the city. It is also possible to stay overnight at one of the many campsites, which can be found close to the city and close to nature. If you want to be very close to nature, you can go to one of the area's nature campsites and spend the night in nature.