In Frederikshavn, strong historical experiences await

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Frederikshavn is a historic maritime town with many proud maritime traditions. Here Tordenskiold folded its folds in the 18th century, and during several of the great wars, the town has been a strategically important hub. When you visit Frederikshavn you will find many exciting historical evidence, all of which are worth a visit. Here is also a nature with many opportunities for outdoor activities. After a busy day of fun and exciting activities, treat yourself to a delicious meal at one of the many top-class restaurants found here.

Good experiences for all ages in Frederikshavn

In Frederikshavn you will find Arena Nord, which is a regional venue that, together with Det Musiske Hus and Maskinrummet, offers concerts, musicals, events, up-coming bands, stand-up and much more. This is also where you can be your own guide on a trip around to several of the city's attractions and cozy bars on a Frederikshavn Beerwalk.

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Top 3 nature areas at Frederikshavn

Just outside the harbor approx. 7 kilometers out to sea, you will find Hirsholmene, which is a protected nature reserve. From May to September, you may well be cheated and think you have ended up in the south when you visit Denmark's only Palm Beach. Throughout the year, nature experiences await in the beautiful Bangsbo area, where there is a Botanical Garden, hiking and biking trails and a Deer Park with roe deer.

In Frederikshavn you can enjoy nature all year round


Top 3 cultural and historical experiences in Frederikshavn

The city's landmark - the Gunpowder Tower (Krudttårnet), was originally intended for storing gunpowder and bullets, and it is now a summer museum with a fantastic history. Up on the city's highest hill is Bangsbo Fort, a fortress from World War II, which is now an exciting visitor center, with bunkers, cannons and a fascinating tale. As the only city in Denmark, Frederikshavn has its own Poetry Park, a collection of unique works that are spread all over the city - go from work to work and experience the whole city.

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Frederikshavn is the obvious holiday destination for everyone

Frederikshavn is an atmospheric town in North Jutland located right next to the Kattegat, and here there is a lot to offer during your holiday. Frederikshavn has a beautiful nature, where especially the Bangsbo area can be highlighted, as there is something for everyone's taste. One of the biggest attractions in Frederikshavn is Pikkerbakken and the lookout post, which is extremely popular with both tourists and locals. In connection with Pikkerbakken, you will find Bangsbo Animal Park, where it is possible to observe the approximately 40 free-ranging fallow deer and red deer. Bangsbo Deer Park also offers an extremely beautiful walk along the three marked trails.

Just outside Bangsbo Deer Park you will find Bangsbo Botanical Gardens. Here you experience an English-inspired park, where there are many benches, large lawns and old trees. In addition to this, there is also a rose garden, medicinal and herb garden, sensory garden and a lot of other things that you can take on a discovery trip in between. The Bangsbo area in Frederikshavn also offers the Coastal Museum Bangsbo Fort, where a fantastic view of Frederikshavn and the Kattegat can be enjoyed, while the fortifications from World War II can be explored.

One of the other major attractions in Frederikshavn is Palmestranden, which is decorated with palm trees every summer, so there is a cozy southern atmosphere. Palmestranden is close to Frederikshavn city and is also very child-friendly. This makes it a popular beach among families with children and is a must when the holiday is held with the kids. Near the palm beach is Fun House Frederikshavn, which is an indoor playground where children can unwind. If the children are more into outdoor play, there is a large nature playground in Bangsbo Animal Park. At Nordstand Camping you will find a large mini golf course where the family can be challenged. Should it rain while you are on holiday, Scandic The Reef offers a lot of hours of fun in an indoor water park. If you are on holiday at Christmas time, you can go around the city and explore the exciting Christmas decorations. This makes Frederikshavn a perfect holiday destination with children.

Frederikshavn and its nature also form the framework for an exciting active holiday. With a location close to both forest and water, there are plenty of hiking routes, cycling and mountain biking routes, good fishing spots and opportunities for various water sports.

Are you more for a slightly quieter holiday, Frederikshavn has an exciting pedestrian street with lots of life. You will find lots of shops, both those you know and specialty shops with interesting items. If you get hungry while shopping, you will find a lot of delicious restaurants right on the pedestrian street. On the pedestrian street, events also often take place - everything from flea markets to concerts.

If you want a holiday with cultural experiences, Frederikshavn also has this. Frederikshavn has Denmark's only Poetry Park, where you can explore in the sign of the word, as poetry is hidden around the city's buildings, signs and other whimsical places throughout the city center.

Arena Nord also welcomes a lot of exciting experiences in their three venues in Frederikshavn. If you want to experience a real Frederikshavn harbor atmosphere, you can go to Beerwalk, which takes you around the various pubs, which both give you the opportunity to talk to the Frederikshavn harbors or just taste the pubs' own brews or specialties.

If you want to go on a small excursion, you will find the northernmost archipelago, Hirsholmene, just 7 km northeast of Frederikshavn, where you can get to with the small ferry ‘Seadog’.

When you are in Frederikshavn, you can not avoid seeing sights such as Krudttårnet or Frederikshavn Church, both of which are recommendable to take a look into. Last but not least, Frederikshavn Harbor is not to be avoided either. The port is today one of the most important ports in Denmark.