Where Denmark ends and the two seas meet in an eternal roaring dance

Skagen, the northernmost city in Denmark, awaits with unique nature in absolute world class, history that extends far beyond the country's borders, iconic sights and attractions. Skagen knows something about everything - here is room for both relaxation in beautiful surroundings, and activities that can get your heart rate up.

Top 3 biggest cultural attractions

In Skagen you can experience world-class culture - see the incredible masterpieces of the Skagen painters at Skagens Museum, Skagen from above in Det Grå Fyr where the view of the city and the seas is completely incomparable or visit Kulturhus Kappelborg with various exhibitions and concerts with big names from Denmark and abroad.


Top 3 biggest nature attractions

Highest to the north in the very top of Denmark, Skagen awaits with very special holiday experiences. Here reigns the unique and untamed nature, which for centuries has shaped Grenen, Råbjerg Mile and the area by the Sanded Church. Shaped by the elements and with a nature in constant change, each visit is completely unique.

Nature like nowhere else in Denmark.

In Skagen, experiences beyond the usual await you

When it all has to be a little more delicious and a little more inviting, then Skagen is the right destination for you

Here, the very best accommodations are waiting to give you an experience you will think back on with joy. Charming and historic hotels are waiting to welcome you.

Skagen is a sure hit for people of all ages

In Skagen, the yellow houses with the characteristic red tile roofs light up the cityscape, and put you in a good mood. Here, masterpieces of art await at Skagens Museum, an understanding of the course of life through history at Skagen Coastal Museum, just as Det Grå Fyr, the Bunker Museum and Skagen Odde Nature Center await with cultural experiences that help to form the breeding ground for the best holiday memories.

Shopping in Skagen has everything your heart desires with a wide mix of shops that offer everything equally well-known brands for vintage and unique finds that you will not find anywhere else in the country. Here is also cosiness and nightlife in particular in week 29, where the whole world flocks to Skagen to really feel the summer and a relaxed holiday atmosphere.

Are you into beach life, you will not be cheated in Skagen - here await delicious beaches with white sand and good conditions for the whole family - is there anything better than a deep in the wave blue?