Where should you stay in Skagen?

That's a really good question, with so many execellent options. We are confident though, that you will find the perfect accommodation for you. In Skagen you will be pampered with everything from historic hotels to first-class campsites, cosy private rooms and more.

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Camping in and near Skagen

If you like the great outdoors, cooking in the shared kitchen and having fun with the other residents on the site, then you are spoilt for choice by our selection of really good campsites.


Other experiences in the Top of Denmark


Go exploring at the top of Denmark

When you visit Skagen, you can book one or more nights at one of the many fantastic hotels in Skagen. The possibilities for hotels in Skagen are many, as Skagen offers countless places and areas that you have to experience. It often requires several nights at a hotel in Skagen, so you can get to experience everything the top of Denmark and the surrounding areas enrich you with.

There are many oases in Skagen that you have to experience before you go home. Among other things, you can experience the fascinating cultural gems, the lovely town with small shops and restaurants as well as the older, yellow houses, which are found everywhere when you go for a walk in Skagen. Both Grenen and Råbjerg Mile as well as various art houses are also places you must not miss. When you explore Skagen, you can not get around the unique North Jutland West Coast, where the wild waves and the fresh water as well as the fantastic, hilly sand landscape is something  you cannot miss.


Hotels which in itself is an experience

Your visit to Skagen must be a unique holistic experience, and regardless of which hotel you choose to stay at, you get, in addition to the many impressions that Skagen's sights, nature and city surprises with, also a unique experience at your hotel in Skagen. There are hotels in Skagen where you get a location with a view or walking distance to the lovely North Sea, and you can therefore enjoy a delicious dinner at your hotel in Skagen, while you watch or hear the sound of the sea in the distance.

Even when you are at your hotel in Skagen, the special atmosphere that the top of Denmark brings can be felt in body and soul. At Skagen's various hotels, the focus is on the fact that you, surrounded by the classic, yellow Skagen houses and beautiful nature, can take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Enjoy the sun's rays from your hotel in Skagen and take a quiet morning before you go on an excursion to Skagen's many places and areas. Come home to the hotel again and relax in quiet surroundings after a long day, which has given you red cheeks and impressions beyond the usual. At all hotels in Skagen, you are and the needs you may have in focus.


Different types of hotels

Whether you are looking for a charming hotel in Skagen, or you want a hotel that offers exclusive luxury, we can guarantee you that Skagen has exactly what you could imagine. If you want to stay in a hotel in Skagen, which is located in the heart of Skagen city, where you can feel the city's buzz and vibrant life, Hotel Marie can fulfill your wishes. If you could imagine staying in a hotel in Skagen, where you can experience the true bathing hotel atmosphere and exciting history in quiet surroundings, you should take a closer look at Hotel Plesner.

If you are looking to stay in a hotel in Skagen, where you can experience luxury on a whole new level, we can guarantee you that Ruths Hotel in Gl. Skagen will no doubt live up to your expectations - and more.

If you want to live in a place where there is room for the whole family and where budget friendliness is in focus, it may be that the cozy hostel Danhostel Skagen, which has a quiet location close to the city center. We have only mentioned a fraction of the many hotels in Skagen that you can sense accommodate a wide diversity of different needs when you visit the top of Denmark. Feel free to choose the hotel in Skagen that meets your wishes.