Sæby is an attractive holiday destination for all ages

The charming market town, Sæby is located right next to the Kattegat coast, close to both a large beautiful forest area and a child-friendly beach and then there is a cozy atmosphere in the center. Sæby is the perfect place for couples, family holidays with children and at the same time a favorite excursion destination for several generations.

Lystfiskeri fra molen i Sæby

Fisk smager dobbelt så godt, når du selv har fanget den

Sæby betegnes som en rent lysfisker paradis - her er gode fiskemuligheder langs stranden både nord og syd for Sæby havn.

Du kan også fiske fra byens mole - endnu en mulighed for at få aftensmaden med hjem. 

Om det er tidlig morgen, eftermiddag eller sen aften, findes der næsten ingen ro, som den der sænker sig over en lystfisker, der har kastet snøren ud, og nu bare venter på at det rykker i linjen med budskab om, at der er bid.

Så gør som de synger i den gamle danske sang - 'træk en gammel sweater på og ta' med ud og fisk'



Læs meget mere om lystfiskeri i Sæby

Top 3 nature attractions in Sæby

Whether you are on foot, by bike, mountain bike or prefer a relaxing canoe trip on the Voer river, you have come to the right destination when you visit Sæby and the surrounding area.

Active holiday for the whole family


Sæby is the obvious holiday destination for all ages

The nature is something very special in Sæby, where there is a short distance to both large forest area and child-friendly sandy beaches. The large forest area is called Sæbygård Skov and is located right near Sæbygård Castle, after which the forest is named. In the summer season, Sæbygård has a cozy café, which serves coffee and cake. Sæbygård Forest has a cozy stream and adorned with beech trees and steep hills, which gives a very special atmosphere.

In the forest you will find beautiful and challenging hiking, running and mountain bike routes, which can make your sweat while you enjoy the beautiful nature. Sæby has Kløverstierne, which are hiking and biking routes that run through both the town and the forest. Kløverstierne each have their own length from 2.5 km to 21.1 km, so there is a route for each level.

If you want to spend time in nature, but at a slower pace, in the evening you can go on a bat safari just 100 meters away from the square. A new dissemination site has been established here, where it is possible to see a lot of the mysterious bats. The dissemination site is located right here, as it is one of the best places in Vendsyssel to see bats.

When you go for a walk inside Sæby city, you quickly discover that Sæby has many idyllic places. A walk past Algade in Sæby is a must, as here you will find cozy old buildings that take you back in time. On your way through Algade you will pass Sct. Mariæ Church, in everyday speech Sæby Church, which must be visited when you enter a beautiful church, which is decorated with frescoes.

Just a short walk away from Algade you will find the old watermill in Sæby, which has functioned as both a grain mill and to produce electricity. Today, the historic building functions as a private residence and can therefore only be viewed from the outside. In a 20 minute drive you can reach another historic site, namely Voergaard Castle, which offers adventurous tales and exciting ghost stories. During the year, Voergaard Castle invites to a lot of events, including medieval days and a cozy Christmas market.

Sæby also offers exciting things for the slightly older children who are on holiday. In Sæby Svømmebad there is a large water slide and large water toys, which can provide many hours of fun. If you would rather be outside, you will find the child-friendly beaches only a short distance from Sæby town center. If you want to try your hand at something else, you can try football golf and decide which of you handles a football best. In Sæby, an amber tour is also offered for children, where a guide teaches you where and how to find amber and guides you along the coast, so you can try it yourself - and maybe you are lucky.

In Sæby you will find many cultural things and there are many artists and craftsmen who live in Sæby. In the small cozy streets you can find galleries that have everything from glass art to ceramics. In addition, you will also find a charming pedestrian street in Sæby with both well-known and small shops.