You probably won't have time to see everything in one go

You find Skagen at the mostnorthern point in Denmark. Here, not only the two oceans meet in an eternal dance, but also many visitors from both Denmark and abroad. The city entices with the very special light that in its time also brought the famous painters and artists to the city.

In Skagen, museums, concert halls, nature in unique and fantastic abundance await - historic sites, lighthouses and experiences for the whole family - and last but not least, the very special feeling of 'feel good' that you take with you from a visit here in The top of Denmark.

This is happening in Skagen

In Skagen there are many events for both big and small - and all year round.

Look forward to experiencing Skagen!


For children and all adults with the desire to experience intact

In and near Skagen there are indoor and outdoor activities with something for everyone regardless of activity level.


Lighthouses in Skagen

Through the years, lighthouses have given hope to sailors from all over the world and made sailing close to the coasts safe. Although modern navigation means that lighthouses do not have the same meaning as before, the buildings remain as historical memories of a bygone era.


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