Brøndums Hotel

Brøndums Hotel

Welcome inside Brøndums Hotel - one of Skagen's most historic hotels. Many Skagen painters stayed here and the hotel has several times formed a motif for their paintings. With one or more nights, you can follow in the artists' footsteps and feel the atmosphere of the famous hotel.


Enjoy your holiday in historical surroundings and experience a central part of the Skagen painters' history. Brøndums Hotel is centrally located in Skagen and has Skagens Museum as a neighbor. The famous Sønderstrand and Vippefyret are just a few minutes walk from Brøndums Hotel.
The hotel consists of 5 buildings - the main building, Admiralgaarden, Anchersvej 8, Finnens Hus and Trolles Hus. In both the main building and Admiralgaarden there are several double and single rooms. Anchersvej 8, Finnes Hus and Trolles Hus consist of smaller apartments.
The restaurant at Brøndums Hotel offers fantastic food, where some dishes are still based on the unique history of the hotel, and several of the dishes are based on Madam Brøndum's cuisine. On the lunch menu, open sandwiches have a central position, where the evening menu is characterized by Brøndums Hotel's classic style and the chef's creativity. In the morning a delicious breakfast is served.
The hotel is decorated based on history and is painted in beautiful colors. The restaurant with its large windows is a special experience. The rooms are also decorated with beautiful colors and you are immediately struck by a seaside hotel atmosphere, which both gives a charming expression and makes you feel at home.
The story of Brøndums Hotel started as early as 1839, when Anna Ancher's grandmother, Ane Kirstine Houmann, inherited Brøndums farm. In 1859, King Frederik VII granted permission to expand from a merchant's house to an inn. This was the starting shot for the Brøndums Hotel as we know it today. Since the hotel started as an inn, many prominent people have visited Brøndums Hotel. Among others, H.C. Andersen has visited the inn on his journey. The famous Skagen painters spent a lot of time in the hotel, held "Artist Academies" and held parties in the dining hall. However, the money was not much then and they therefore paid for their stay with paintings, which today is exhibited at the Skagens Museum on the other side of the road.

Faciliteter och service

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  • Restaurant
  • Conference possibilities
  • Bar
  • Non smoking rooms
  • Library
  • À la carte
  • Breakfast
  • City
  • Beach
  • Luggage room
  • Mountain hiking
  • All public areas non-smoking
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  • Free Wi-Fi