Bunker treasure hunting - Løkken

Bunker treasure hunting - Løkken

Join the piles of World War II. We must have solved the riddles together so that the treasure deep, deep inside can be found.


The expedition leader from Outnature, takes you and your family on a treasure hunt, in the old bunkers from World War II North of Løkken el. in Skagen Here you and your whole family can have an outdoor adventure experience without equal. We have to learn to use exciting and different tools and equipment, here among GPSs to find secret positions based on found coordinates. The ropes are with us when we have to climb down or climb up, inside the bunker and the UV lights help to track us to the fabled and hidden treasure. The track from General Rommel's journal.

A trace from Field Marshal Erwin Rommel's journal is already in the hands of the expedition leader. But since the area is too large and dangerous to search on its own, he needs your help to find it. Are you ready for a breathtaking outdoor experience, then take your parents by the hand. They should preferably not be too scared!


 What is included in the price:

3 hours of treasure hunting, cultural-historical dissemination, learning about the use of GPS, knots and ropes, and a tasty treasure.


3-5 km.

Number of min / max:



1 guide / expedition leader


ca. 3 hours

Start / end:

9480 Løkken, sdr strandvej 6e (Outnature office)

9990 Skagen, Fyrvej 16 (CampOne) At the football field at the end of Fyrvej.


For everyone (Requires easy mobility)

You bring:

Practical and durable clothes for the weather.

We bring:

Helmet, Backpack, Gps, Lantern, Rope


There are daily buses to Løkken from Hjørring / Aalborg.

There are daily buses to Skagen from Frederikshavn


All questions before and after can be answered on +4520607071


You are welcome to bring additional food / drinks as needed.

Your expenses:

Ticket price 250, -

Reservations are made for weather changes where program can be changed.

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