The original fort was built by the Germans during World War II, and in 1944 it was armed with four 15 cm cannons from the artillery ship Niels Juel. A total of 69 concrete structures have been cast at the fort - large and small.

Frederikshavn has often played an important role in connection with various wars, and during World War II, Pikkerbakkerne was almost eroded. In the area by Niels Juel's cannons there are a large number of bunkers.

The area still functions as a military area, and from here the Kattegat's Marine District controls all maritime surveillance in the northern Kattegat. In the summer there is access to the area with the cannons, and on set days / times there are guided tours.

You can also visit the exhibition piles and experience the interactive dissemination. There is both a cinema, traditional museum dissemination, interactive dissemination and a children's bunker where the dissemination is specifically targeted at the youngest.
Get a unique experience in the magnificent area, where there are high to the sky and a fantastic view of the Kattegat. In clear weather you can look at both Skagen and Læsø.

Parking oppotunities
As Bangsbo Fort is located in a military area, entry is prohibited for unauthorized persons. However, the museum's guests are very welcome to drive all the way into the area and park by the museum building. If you are not a guest at the museum or at MOCN, please refer to the parking spaces arranged on the outskirts of the area. From here it is also possible to walk in the area.

It is possible to visit groups and school classes by appointment.

Kystmuseet Bangsbo Fort, Understedvej 21, 9900 Frederikshavn, +45 98 42 31 11,,

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