The café is, as a part of Restaurant De 2 Have, perfectly located in a protected nature area, where there are many opportunities for a brisk walk in the dunes or along the beach, right out to the top where Denmark ends and the two seas meet.

Weather permitting, you can enjoy your lunch outside on one of the two beautiful terraces. The menu offers delicious prawn sandwiches, fish n' chips and burgers, and remember to treat yourself too little dessert and maybe a good cup of coffee to finish of the lunch.

The food is homemade, tasty and nicely served, as well as delicious fresh and with local ingredients.

Both the café and Restaurant De 2 Have are run by the couple Mette & Peter Faarkrog Hansen, who can be found in the kitchen and restaurant, respectively.

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Café De 2 Have, Fyrvej 42, 9990 Skagen, +45 60 24 02 56,,