If you love freshly caught fish in all shapes and sizes and if your mouth waters when it comes to all kinds of seafood, then you should definitely make sure to visit Skagen FRISK when you visit Skagen.

Only fresh fish of the highest quality is sold here, and in addition to selling seafood from the shop, Skagen FRISK also delivers goods to private individuals, restaurants and other fishmongers across the country.

For Skagen FRISK, the day's first purchase takes place early in the morning, when the auction starts at Skagen Fiskeauktion. Here, the buyers inspect the night's catches, and this way they ensure, that the store's goods are always as fresh as possible - it's almost as if the fish still flaps their tails when on display behind glass.

You can calmly rejoice when fish from Skagen FRISK is on the menu.

Skagen FRISK, Isvej 1, 9990 Skagen, +45 98 44 46 11, info@skagenfrisk.dk, www.skagenfrisk.dk