Aalborg Zoo is located near the center of Aalborg and is visited on an annual basis by around 500,000 guests. The garden is approx. 8 hectares large and has been located here since April 1935.

In Aalborg Zoo, no two days are alike, and the garden's overall purpose is nature conservation - directly through international cooperation on breeding and indirectly through the dissemination of knowledge about endangered animals.

Have a wonderful day in the garden and enjoy your brought food on one of the lawns or the many dining areas, or use the set up grills on the barbecue area by the playground with a direct look at the polar bears.

Look forward to great experiences with animals from all over the world in Aalborg Zoo, and become both wiser and well entertained when the animal keepers talk about the animals in the daily talks around the garden.

Aalborg Zoo
Aalborg Zoo helps endangered species

In Aalborg Zoo, an active effort is made to preserve endangered animals and the nature in which they live around the world.

The purposes of these breeding collaborations are both to preserve endangered animal species, to participate in nature conservation projects in nature, to ensure that large genetic variation of the animal species, and to communicate about endangered animals to the guests in the zoo.

At the same time, Aalborg Zoo supports 'Conservation Foundation projects', which benefit the wildlife in the world. These can be projects that provide knowledge about the animals in the zoo, their well-being and behavior as well as endangered animals in the wild.

Support is also given to projects for the benefit of nature and wildlife in North Jutland, where i.a. the barn owl is highly endangered.

Aalborg Zoo
Guided tours and accommodation

With friends, family or colleagues, you can take a guided tour of the Zoo and get even closer to the animals. Or you can challenge each other in a fun 'Contest with animals'.
If you dare, you can spend the night in the Zoo with a view of the lions and the sound of their roar at night.

Brunch, party and Zooschool

Start the day with a fantastic experience with Aalborg Zoo's brunch. You sit undisturbed in your own private room and also have the opportunity to go for a walk in the garden.

Or how about holding your next party in Zoo's unique surroundings with animals from all over the world, the forest and beautiful panoramic views of the garden and Aalborg.

You can also throw a children's birthday party at the Zoo. Here you get fun and educational experiences, where the children come on an exciting zoofari, help feed an animal and get close to the animals in the School Service.

If your child has a keeper in their stomach, Aalborg Zoo offers a wonderful week at Zooskole during the summer holidays. Here, your child gets up close and personal with life in the zoo, what an animal keeper does and how we make sure that the animals thrive in the zoo.

Aalborg Zoo, Mølleparkvej 63, 9000 Aalborg, +45 96 31 29 29, info@aalborgzoo.dk, www.aalborgzoo.dk

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