Fun and educational play for all ages

Just south of Ålbæk's city limits you can visit the childfriendly zoo and playground - Farm Fun. There is room to play for children and childish souls alike, and you can be sure that everyone is both tired and a little dirty when the day ends and the course points homeward.

In Farm Fun you can easily find your own small cosy area, and enjoy yourself for hours in close contact with the animals and the many challenging playground equipments - try. a tractor ride in the hay wagon or saddle up for pony riding.

The large playground is a hit with children of all ages.

Farm Fun is also the perfect place for a family picnic, and the food tastes twice as good in the open air. If you want to skip the packed lunches, there is a large barbecue area at Farm Fun or you can buy something delicious in the kiosk.

Farm Fun, Jerupvej 155, 9982, Jerup, +45 98 48 81 14,,