The Skagen Ice Swimmers Festival was held for the first time in 2012, and at that time it was Denmark's first and only of its kind.

It has become a yearly tradition that the festival takes place on the last weekend in January, and it helps to put the spotlight on Skagen as a winter destination.

Skagen Ice Swimmers Club "The Ivebreakers" arranges in collaboration with Turisthus Nord the popular festival, where good hospitality and nature experiences are paramount.

The great cold shiver in the blue waves, is experienced directly from the beach - it is said that the endorphins subsequently dance around the body and give the winter swimmer a wonderful inner warmth.

Not only dips in the sea are on the program when Skagen Ice Swimmers Festival welcomes you. There are also guided tours with lunch in the open air, a stroll to Grenen which is rounded off with a cup of smoking hot cocoa and a party night with entertainment.

Nyd de skønne billeder fra Skagen Vinterbaderfestival 2022

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