For many, the Solnedgangsplads is associated with a very special atmosphere with breathtaking sunsets that exude Skagen poetry all year round. Every night people flock to the lookout to enjoy the very special light from the last rays of the sun as they dance across the sea.

These poetic moments deserve a beautiful framing, and we have now got it with a brand new Solnedgangsplads designed by Kristine Jensen's Design Studio in collaboration with sculptor Ingvar Cronhammar.

The "new" Solnedgangsplads consists of a large sloping Sun disk with incised granite circles, where the sun is reflected as sunspots as it sets.

Around the lookout, a long bench has been set up, which meanders around the sun disk. Here you can put your bike into the slats of the bench on one side.

The Solnedgangsplads is also framed by brand new dunes that will create shelter in the open space.

The framing thus interacts beautifully with nature's surroundings, so the scene is now set for several breathtaking moments in Gl. Skagen.

So sit back and enjoy life while enjoying the beautiful scenery.