The nature in and around Skagen has always been a source of fascination

The Natural History Museum is housed in the old Højen Station, which has been the setting for the museum's exhibitions and activities in Skagen since 1991.

The museum is privately owned and run by biologists Poul Lindhard Hansen and Sanne Christensen.

Here you can learn about nature, wildlife, and geology in Skagen.

The museum's exhibitions inform about Skagen's nature, and the harsh climate that characterizes nature, but at the same time provides the opportunity for many exciting nature experiences all year round.

The Natural History Museum is available throughout the season with guidance on how to get a good nature experience in Skagen. And you are welcome to take part in their activities in nature around Skagen, which includes i.a. schnapps herbs, Råbjerg Mile, dissection of shark, etc.

While visiting also remember to visit the small shop which sells a variety of items.

Naturhistorisk Museum, Flagbakkevej 30, 9990 Skagen, +45 61 31 00 73,,

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