In Drachmann's Hus you can get close to the impressive character Holger Drachmann. Today he is best known for the lyrics to "Midsommervisen" and the Skagen song "Erindring", but he was a famous, infamous and productive writer already in his own time. He visited Skagen for the first time in 1872 as one of the very first artists, began a lifelong relationship with the city and inspired many others to follow.

In 1902, the traveling writer decorated what we today call Drachmann's Hus in Skagen. Drachmann christened the house Pax and lived in it until his death. The house got i.a. added a studio after drawing by P.S. Krøyer and it is decorated with Drachmann's original belongings and furniture.

And it's a colorful collection! Green ceramic jugs from Fanø, a stuffed eagle over the fireplace, Norwegian folk furniture, large felt hats and notebooks mingle with the approximately 150 drawings and paintings that adorn the house, in addition to a bust of Drachmann himself.

Visit Drachmann's Hus and go exploring in a real artist's home.

Drachmanns Hus, Hans Baghs Vej 21, 9990 Skagen, +45 98 44 64 44,,