You get safe, secure, fun and great experiences below the surface at the 10,000 m2 indoors, 6000m2 outdoors, 75 aquariums with more than 7,000 fish and other sea animals.

Among other things, you can experience the stirring basin, where you can touch a starfish or maybe even a crab, if you dare, and the Oceanarium with 4.6 million liters of seawater is home to thousands of schooling fish, ferocious sharks, floating rays and much more.

Big Ocean Window is Scandinavia's largest interactive screen, where you can get up close to the giants of the sea, and in the whale researcher's cabin you can dive into the whale researcher's work and experience the skeletons of some of the North Sea's whales.

There is a cinema where you can watch various exciting films, and ‘North Sea Hunters’, which is a new exhibition with, among other things, three unique aquariums with jellyfish, shoals and predatory fish.

In the large outdoor facility, the seals are fed every day at 12.00 and 16.00, and you will also be able to experience various activities around the exhibition during the day. The selected activities will be announced over the speakers approx. 10 minutes before start.

You will also find a playground, and the restaurants serve tasty simple fish dishes, varied according to the seasonal seafood - freshly caught, healthy and sustainable! You can of course also bring your own packed lunch.

The North Sea's shop "Pakhuset" contains a wealth of souvenirs, gift items, books and much more. Look in and let yourself be tempted by the exciting items.

Lumpfish in the Oceanarium

Over the years, it has been possible to have specimens of the lumpfish for the vast majority of the time, but Oceanariet experiences in between periods without lumpfish due to lack of opportunities to obtain new specimens. The explanation is that at the North Sea Oceanarium they either get lumpfish from Danish waters - most often in the autumn with the help of Danish fishermen - or alternatively they get small lumpfish from Southern Europe, which are transported to Hirtshals.

Nordsøen Oceanarium, Willemoesvej 2, 9850 Hirtshals, +45 98 94 44 44,,