When the light returns and everything turns green, everything brightens up in Skagen

Now we know it starts, the air trembles with anticipation, spring-minded people come to the city, and the streets come alive with people of all ages, and happy voices are heard everywhere.

For many, spring in Skagen means seeing friends and family, enjoying each other's company, eating Easter lunch, laughing together and just having fun.

The chairs are displayed again in front of Jakobs Café & Bar. Skagen Fiskerestaurant and Pakhuset turn off the shutters and like all other restaurants and cafes in Skagen, they are ready to serve happy spring guests.

Out and about in the nature

It is also time to enjoy spring in the absolutely stunning scenery of the area. Fresh walks where you feel the spring air provide renewed energy.

Lots of migratory birds come from the south - they have Grenen as a benchmark for their further trip to Norway. Det Grå Fyr is a perfect place to experience the flocks of birds, gliding over your head.

On the heath north of Skagen Odde Nature Center, everything is sprouting right now. If you are out early, you can see deer jumping off, or the fox sneaking along its usual route, across the moor to the beach, to find food.

You can hear the birds chirping, and if you are lucky enough to hear something that sounds like when you breathe in a bottle, it is the bittern that hums its mating call.

At the beach

In Skagen you will find the most beautiful beaches all around. Here you can, also in the spring, enjoy nature in its raw form, and go hunting for fine treasures such as amber and hollow stones or crawling in bunkers. If nature can not get wild enough for you - then go on adventures with OutNature.

Are you to the North Sea waves and the roar, and beaches with lots of rocks, you should go to Nordstrand or Gl. Skagen.

If you want calmer water and a sandy beach, go to Sønderstrand by Vippefyret or to Damstederne (access from Damstedvej), where both children and adults can have many experiences.

At Damstederne you will find the beautiful former royal villa Klitgården, Skagen Klitplantage and the impressive Damsted Klit. There are great views from the top and it's fun for everyone to run down the steep dune towards the water. There is also ample opportunity for beach fishing.

Maybe you want to take a fresh dip in the still cold waves, and what more beautiful place to do that than standing around Skagen?

Grenen is also an obvious destination for an Easter walk. Here you can experience seals in the water or dozing on a bunker.

Or take part in one of the exciting events that spring also offers.

Welcome to spring in Skagen, when the city and nature reopen.

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