All museums are open, and nature shows itself in its beautiful autumn colors, there are exciting events and concerts - you can also take a walk along the beach and find amber or collect seashells.

Enjoy nature on a hike on one of the many fitness trails in Bangsbo Forest and Bangsbo Deer Park - if you want to go a little further, you can walk along Dronningestien, which takes you past Bangsbo Fort. Or Kongestien, which takes you past several of the area's more hidden attractions. It is also in the Bangsbo area that you will find Boolsen's Stone Garden, which is one of the city's more distinctive attractions. And if you get hungry along the way, the area offers both a restaurant or enjoy the food brought in the packed lunch cabin in Bangsbo Deer Park.

During the autumn holidays, you should also treat yourself to going out and eating at one of the city's many restaurants.

Find accommodation in the autumn here.

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