A world class attraction

Enjoy the majestic eagles and watch them unfold just above you. Not far from either Hirtshals or Skagen, and right by Tversted Klitplantage, you will find a world-class attraction; Eagle World.

Experience the sea eagles with enormous wingspan, the golden eagle which is the undisputed big game hunter in the sky, as well as the peregrine falcon with its incomparable flying and hunting technique. Watch closeup how the team feed the world's largest eagles and let them unfold freely in the sky.

Frank Wenzel has, based on many years of learned specialist knowledge, given Denmark an international first place when it comes to knowledge of the birds' biology and cultural heritage.

At Eagle World, the public learns to understand the birds of prey, while at the same time being thrilled by the sight of them. Understanding is the most important way to protection and this has paved the way for wild eagles who once again breed in Denmark.

One of the highlights is the demonstration, where the wild bird trainers ride around the area on horseback and train the falcons. Experience the amazing show and see how the beautiful birds of prey show their incredible flying skills.

The one-hour demonstration is accompanied by an instructive briefing on the birds' way of life, culture and history. Remember to also see the exhibition where you learn more about the birds of prey via big screens and photographs.

Eagle World  opens 1 hour before a show.

Ørnereservatet - Eagle World, Skagensvej 107, 9881 Bindslev, +45 98 93 20 31, info@eagleworld.dk, www.eagleworld.dk