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Experiences for everyone - regardless of activity level

In the Top of ​​Denmark, the experiences are suitable for both the active holiday, the family holiday and the romantic weekend. The top of Denmark is surrounded by beautiful nature and water, which can be enjoyed during the holidays. If you are on holiday with the family's teenager, you can try your hand at standing on a SUP board or challenge the whole family with Megasurf, where it is important to work together to surf on the same board.

An exciting experience for both children and adults is Det Grå Fyr. From the top of the 46 meter high lighthouse you get an absolutely stunning view. You can see the tip of Denmark, Skagen city and Kattegat from above.

In Hirtshals you will also find a fantastic experience for both young and old. The North Sea Oceanarium is Northern Europe's largest aquarium, which houses 70 different fish species. In addition, there is also a sealarium where the playful mammals can be viewed up close.

Need to speed up during the holidays? Then Fårup Sommerland is an obvious holiday excursion. Here, children and childish souls can frolic in the forest's almost 45 hectares. Fårup Sommerland is one of Denmark's largest amusement parks and has more than 60 amusements and a huge outdoor water park. So there is ample opportunity to get an adrenaline rush.

More experiences when you visit the Top of Denmark

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The top of Denmark offers lots of experiences - both in nature, in restaurants and museums

If you need more adrenaline-inducing experiences, you can take a trip to Action House, which is a fun center in Løkken. In Action House you have the opportunity to try a lot of different activities, including go-karting on one of Denmark's longest indoor courts and laser game.

On holiday in the Top of Denmark, there is plenty of opportunity to see animals. In Ålbæk - just 20 kilometers from both Skagen and Frederikshavn - you will find Farm Fun, which offers lots of playgrounds and animals that you can cuddle or watch. At Hirtshals you will find Fun Park, which also offers the opportunity to play on playgrounds and ae animals. At the circus farm, which is located by Løkken, you can experience shows with a focus on cooperation and harmony between humans and animals.

A romantic getaway for two

A romantic holiday in the Top of Denmark is full of experiences of all kinds. Take a trip to Skagens Museum, where the Skagen painters' motifs of the natural surroundings and their lives adorn. Another way to experience Skagen and its beautiful nature is by taking a guided tour, where you also get a good knowledge of the area. The top of Denmark has a sea of good restaurants that you can visit. In Skagen you will find Restaurant HÅKON, located on the first floor of Pakhuset and is an exquisite gourmet experience. Restaurant Villa Vest in Lønstrup is located right next to the North Sea, here you not only have a fantastic view, you are also served delicious food. In Hjørring and Frederikshavn, as in Skagen, there are many good restaurants that you can explore. Around the smaller towns in the Top of Denmark you can also find gems that provide a really good dining experience.

Perfect setting for the active

In the Top of Denmark, nature is perfect for an active holiday. In the forests and dune plantations you will find a large number of marked routes for your cycling, running or hiking trip. The top of Denmark has both the calm Kattegat and the wild North Sea, so there are plenty of opportunities for water sports - whether you want to try SUP on the calm Kattegat or Kayaking & Tour on the wild North Sea with waves. Likewise, there are plenty of opportunities for angling in the Top of Denmark. Here you will find good piers, coasts, streams and lakes.

There is a short distance between the golf courses in the Top of Denmark, which makes it easy to try the different courses. In the Top of Denmark you will find well-kept and beautiful courses, which stand in contrast to the surrounding nature, which provides a special experience.

Recurring events

During the year, there are recurring events in the Top of Denmark, for example Skagen Festival, which is Denmark's oldest music festival. This is a big folk festival in Skagen, where there is room for all music genres. During Skagen Festival you can enjoy the good atmosphere throughout the city and see concerts on the various stages. Nordic Ink & Brew Festival in Frederikshavn attracts many people. The festival provides both the opportunity to explore the many exciting tattoos and at the same time taste many different brews from the many participating breweries. The award-winning Blues Heaven Festival, which guests from 17 different countries visited in 2019, will also be held in Frederikshavn to experience the many well-known and award-winning artists.

A different festival in the Top of Denmark is the Skagen Winter Bathing Festival, which is held every year in January. During the festival weekend, several events are held - everything from cold dips in the sea to shared dinner. Sankt Hans is a very special experience on Sønderstrand in Skagen with the lit Vippefyr in the background, where Holger Drachmann's songs "Erindring" and "Midsommervisen" are sung.

Fantastic nature experiences in the Top of Denmark

One of the great and inevitable experiences when you visit the Top of Denmark is the beautiful and special nature that you will find here. In the Top of Denmark you will find several shifting dunes, the largest of which are Råbjerg Mile, Rubjerg Knude and Sandmilen. In these places you can see the sand escape, which ravaged the Skagen area and other places along Jutland's west coast until the 19th century, when leymus was planted to stop it. As a reminder of this time, you can visit the Sanded Church in Skagen, which shows the serious consequences of the sand escape.
Grenen - also known as the northernmost point in Denmark - is a beautiful natural phenomenon, which is one of Denmark's most famous nature experiences. Here you can experience how the Skagerrak and Kattegat meet and stand with one leg in each sea. The trip to Grenen can be taken on foot or with Sandormen, which is a tractor with a trailer. A fun experience for both children and adults.

Along the coasts of the Top of Denmark there are a lot of child-friendly beaches. One of the best known is Palmestranden in Frederikshavn and Sønderstrand in Skagen, which has been the motif for many of the Skagen painters' paintings. You can also find good beaches along the West Coast, for example Løkken Strand with the iconic white bathing houses.

The art in the Top of Denmark

The top of Denmark - especially Skagen - is known for its art. Skagens Museum is one of the Top of Denmark's most visited cultural institutions, which houses many of Skagensmalerne's paintings. In Toppen af Danmark you will also find many smaller artisans who have exhibited their art in small galleries and workshops with, among other things, glass art and ceramics.