Skagen is fantastic in winter. Enjoy that you have time for contemplation, and to sink completely into the peace and quiet of the picturesque surroundings. Immerse yourself in the Skagen painters, the city's history or nature and the landscapes on long walks.

The sweet Christmas season also offers a very special atmosphere in Skagen, where the city is beautifully decorated with large beautiful angels, Christmas trees and lots of Christmas lights.

In the wild

You may be lucky enough to experience large snow drifts and frosty days, where the city, the forest and the heath have been transformed into a white fairytale landscape, and where the lakes are frozen.

On the heath north of Skagen Odde Nature Center, if you are out early, you can follow animal tracks on the frost-covered paths, and especially on the bridges on Grenensporet's landscaped hiking trails. It's fun to see which animals have walked along or just crossed the path. Traces can be seen from i.a. deer, birds and the fox that have sneaked along its usual route, on the paths across the moor to the beach, to find food.

The beach and the dune plantation

There are plenty of experiences in Skagen in the winter - not least in nature. Skagerrak in stormy weather is a terrific experience. So wrap yourself well in warm clothes, and go for a walk along the beach.

Are you to the North Sea waves and the roar, and beaches with lots of rocks, you should go to Nordstrand or Gl. Skagen.

If you want calmer water and a sandy beach, go to Sønderstrand by Vippefyret or to Damstederne (access from Damstedvej), where both children and adults can have many experiences.

At Damstederne you will find the beautiful former royal villa Klitgården, Skagen Klitplantage and the impressive Damsted Klit. There are great views from the top and it is fun for everyone to run or sled down the steep dune towards the water.

If you really want to feel the wind and the roar of the sea, a walk to Grenen would be ideal. The currents of the water and the forces of the wind mean that Grenen is always moving, which is why the place is such a fascinating excursion destination where no two visits are alike.

In Skagen Klitplantage west of the city, there is more shelter, and you can therefore go on a completely indescribably beautiful walk through the cozy forest to the iconic The Sanded Church.

Wherever you go for a fresh walk, you will have an authentic experience.

Accommodation and much more

There are many options for accommodation in the winter months, and a cozy stay at Jakobs Bed & Breakfast, Hotel Marie, Skagen Harbor Hotel, Color Hotel Skagen or even Brøndums Hotel will be a perfect setting for a wonderful stay in Skagen in winter clothes.

Most shops, restaurants and sights in Skagen are open, so after being out in the cold, just search inside in the heat. In the city's wonderful restaurants you can indulge your senses of taste. The pedestrian street's many specialty shops can tempt you to delicious shopping, and the city's museums are also ready to let you in on the heat.

Welcome to Skagen in winter clothes

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