Hours of fun

Pier fishing is popular in Frederikshavn and always a good starting point for a fishing trip. At the north pier in Frederikshavn you can both fish in the harbor or along the rocks on the outer side of the pier. In the dock, you can catch flatfish, eel, trout and mackerel. By Strandby "Nordre Mole" also offers good opportunities for angling.


With a coastline of approximately. 30 km. There are very good possibilities for fishing in Frederikshavn. It is particularly fishing for sea trout and garfish. There are opportunities to fish for flatfish. Spring and autumn are the best periods for angling.

Angling in rivers & lakes

In Frederikshavn, there are several creeks and lakes where angling is allowed if you are in possession of the correct license. Enjoy the peace, tranquility and quiet water babbling in Elling Å, Åsted Å Skærum Å and Bangsbo Å where you primarily fish for sea trout and brown trout. It is also possible to fish in Vandværkssøen, located idyllically in the exciting forest Vandværksskoven.


Is this the first time you are going angling, or would you like to increase your chance of catch, try Lerbæk Fiskepark. The chances of catch is great, and you are lucky, you do not wait long for the fish to bite.

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