Sjov på Strandby Havn

Oplev den hyggelige stemning på Strandby Havn, hvor du kan købe årets Strandby-fisketallerken med lokale specialiteter som friskkogte hummere og nystegte fiskefrikadeller.

Du kan også købe dig en dejlig kop kaffe eller slutte af med en forfriskende og læskende is.

Fra kl. 16.00 til 20.00 syder havnen af liv og glade stemmer fra de mange gæster. Du kan prøve en sejltur med fiskekutter, nynne med på den herlige live-musik, byde på turist-fiskeauktionen eller finde et godt tilbud på noget du slet ikke kan undvære i en af de opstillede kræmmerboder.

For børn er der mange muligheder for ’sjov og ballade’.

Tag familien med og nyd en sjov dag sammen.


Hver tirsdag fra 11. juli til og med 1. august.

Glæd dig til en hyggelig oplevelse på havnen i Strandby!

Sjov på Strandby Havn tirsdage i juli måned
Sjov på Strandby Havn tirsdage i juli måned
Sjov på Strandby Havn tirsdage i juli måned

Strandby harbor offers many exciting things

In addition to the cozy restaurants and small shops, you will find a cozy marina in Strandby, many events and the popular fish auction, where you have the opportunity to get a box of freshly caught fish to take home.

The marina in Strandby exudes atmosphere with its many cozy corners with beautiful barbecue areas, terraces with tables and benches, a beautiful lookout tower with binoculars where you can see Hirsholmene and Læsø and the many palm trees that adorn the harbor in summer.

The marina has everything that a port should have with room for 140 boats. Along bridges and the quay there are stands with electricity and water, where the water is for free use. Toilets and showers are located by the service building. The harbor depth is 4.5 meters and you moor up towards the bridge or stern mooring on poles. Less than 2 minutes walk from the marina there are good shopping opportunities and several restaurants. The marina forms the framework for the tradition ‘Fun Tuesday’, where every Tuesday in the high season there is the opportunity to make a good bargain at a shop, enjoy delicious freshly prepared food and the lively atmosphere. Strandby Fish Auction is a popular and exciting experience all year round. There is an auction every morning at 7.00 and in the summer months also at. 9.30.

You can take the children to the auction, but remember to pay attention to the buyers and feel free to stand behind the professionals for safety, because trucks drive in the hall as soon as the first fish are sold.

You can easily bid on a box of fish, as long as you just make sure to make the Auctioneer aware that you are participating in the purchase. If you have first bought one box of fish, you probably should not make too many nods or blinks - unless you want to take fish home for a full year of consumption.

During the summer months, up to the auction, there are many landings from the ships that fish for lobster at night. You will not get fresher seafood!

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