Late summer with light, life and experiences

The atmosphere is very special on a late summer and autumn day in Skagen. Here you can experience the very special light, which is only experienced here at most to the north. The sky is really high and extremely blue, the sunsets and the clouds together create the most beautiful colors in the sky that are reflected in the windows of the Skagen houses.

Right now the heather of the heath is in bloom, giving a wonderful scent to the heath, berries and mushrooms are ready to be picked - nature and the sea show new sides of themselves. Autumn and late summer in Skagen offer a lot.

The hustle and bustle of the high season is a wonderful memory, the pace is adapted to the season, and you experience an everyday Skagen with many charming elements. Even out of season, Skagen is full of culture and exciting events. So do not deceive yourself for a visit to one of Skagen's famous museums, and in particular Skagens Museum. Music, visual arts and literature fill the calendar as the evenings get longer and the twilight falls on in the magical blue hour.

The sea is heated by the summer heat and lasts for so long in the summer heat in Skagen that even in the late summer months there are days that invite to outdoor lunch and cafe life.

Autumn in Skagen can do it all

It can be quiet with high sun and heat, it can rain, shake and blow or be warm with light rain and wind. Hopefully you will experience one of the days when the wind shakes the waves of the Skagerrak up to a magnificent and dramatic sight, because then you must not deceive yourself for a walk to the tip of Grenen.

Warm weather and a lot of rain provide fertile ground for lots of fungi, which there can be good opportunities to find on the heath and in the plantations around Skagen. It would also be a good idea to take part in a guided hike at Skagen Odde or hike at Den Tilsandede Kirke, where storytelling goes hand in hand with nature. Or what about a Fyrmino, a 4-hour guided hiking experience past Skagen's 4 lighthouses?

The city's shops and restaurants are still open, so take a shopping trip in the city center and have lunch at, for example, Jakobs Café and Bar on the pedestrian street or Skagen Fiskerestaurant on the harbor, and later a delicious dinner at cozy Brøndums or the exclusive gem Restaurant Håkon at Pakhuset.

Sit back and enjoy the special light, tranquility, nature and experiences in Skagen in the autumn and late summer.

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