Traditional Danish open sandwiches are served - no nonsense style - to the enjoyment of both locals and tourists.

The restaurant exudes a relaxed atmosphere, and you eat your food in a cosy old-fashioned atmosphere with red and white checkered tablecloths on the tables.

The food is made from scratch with delicious fresh ingredients - or as the chef puts is: 'Made with salt, pepper and love'. Good food takes time, so enjoy a beer or a glass of wine - while you are waiting.

Dit Smørrebrød Skagen collects happy guests and everyone does their utmost to give you a wonderful experience - and for added enjoyment a 'snaps' is recommended - luckily the snaps card offers 10 different aquavits.

Dit Smørrebrød, Østre Strandvej 1, 9990 Skagen, +45 35 11 11 82,

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