Enjoy the absolutely fantastic nature in Sæby with walks in the forest or fishing trips in the area. Treat yourself to wonderful wellness or explore the arts.

The city's beautiful and charming old town center is a cultural gem in a class of its own, where you get market town idyll, working artisans and museums.

Sæby Torv is a gathering point for the city's specialty shops, and in the autumn you can quietly fill your shopping bags with exciting things from, among others, the fashion shop Annette, Kop og Kande and many other specialty shops.
The town is also a smaller enclave of artists and artisans. Likewise, there are several galleries and applied art stores where you can enjoy, view and buy your favorites.

Stroll at a leisurely pace down to the lovely harbor, where you can enjoy harbor life with fish restaurants and a beautiful beach promenade. Here is the city's landmark 'The Lady from the Sea' by the Norwegian artist Marit Benthe Norheim as a double-sided galleon figure in white concrete.

In the beautiful Nellemann's Garden in the autumn you can see paradise apple trees with ripe paradise apples everywhere. The garden is beautifully situated by 2 small lakes and there is a nice pavilion where you can eat your brought food. There is also a large playground for the children.

If you are into fishing, Sæby is the perfect place to stay in the fall. At the beaches you can catch flounder, turbot, hornfish and sea trout. There are also beautiful streams and lakes with sea trout, brown trout, pike and salmon. Whether you are a seasoned fisher with the latest fishing tackle or you are a beginner in the art of catching fish, Sæby has both nature and fishing water for you.

Kløverstier is the starting point for hiking, running and cycling trips in Sæby and consists of four routes of 2.5 km, 5 km, 7.5 km or a full 21.5 km, each of which takes you through the beautiful nature areas and sights in the city, including the old town hall from 1801. So hop on the bike, lace up your good running shoes or grab your hiking poles and embark on a fantastic ride.

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