Mina's Sandwich i Sæby

You eat well at Mina's Sandwich

In the heart of Sæby you will find the city's cosy sandwich bar - Mina's Sandwich which is actually much more than just sandwiches.

Here you will also find delicious barbecue dishes, various salads, burgers, children's menus, snacks and much more. It is a perfect for the whole family, whether you are a native or visiting charming Sæby on holiday.

There are as many as 20 different types of sandwich fillings, so it takes a long time before you have been through the entire menu. Remember that Mina's Sandwich has a delicious lunch offer every day, proof that eating out does not have to be expensive.


Nice to know!

Mina's Sandwich delivers within a radius of 5 km, so you have the opportunity to have your food delivered, even if you are staying in one of the lovely holiday homes or camping near Sæby.

Mina's Sandwich, Vestergade 32B, 9300 Sæby, +45 81 90 11 38, minassandwich@gmail.com, www.minassandwich.dk

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