Beach life at Sæby has existed throughout the ages
The clean water at Sæby is one of the factors that always excites when visiting the city. From the charming town center it does not take many minutes before you can frolic in blue waves by the north beach, and by the beach to the south the dunes provide good shelter if you want to be a little more private.

The forests at Sæby are used diligently all year round
There are several forest areas around Sæby. Sæbygård Skov is a privately owned beech forest that has been a favorite excursion destination for the city's residents and visitors for over a hundred years. There are many marked hiking, running and cycling routes. Gybels Plantage, which was laid out in the early 1900s, was originally a spruce forest. The forest is now under development, so more deciduous forest is being added and open recreational areas are being created.
The Professor's Plantation is a dune heath with pine vegetation, heather and berry bushes. If you are lucky, you will meet one of the area's deer, just as you can enjoy the sight of the many different birds that pass by here.

There are many opportunities to be active in nature at Sæby
It is a great pleasure for many to get out and experience nature up close. Try a ride on one of the Clover Trails where you can choose between four routes with lengths of 2.5 km, 5 km, 7.5 km and 21 km - it's just a matter of putting on the right footwear or taking a seat in the bicycle saddle and then otherwise just get going.

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