Arena Nord in Frederikshavn is a regional venue with many exciting concerts with both national and international artists. See this year's events and buy a ticket.

Many great experiences

Arena Nord welcomes thousands to the beautiful facilities every year. The visitors come, enticed by the large and varied range of exciting cultural events.

Nordic Ink Festival, which since its infancy where only a few local enthusiasts, fascinated by tattoos, participated, has over the years grown large. Now more than 200 of the best national and international tattooists participate in the annual event, which is praised by the many visitors as being the best in the Nordics of its kind.

Together with Nordic Ink, the Nordic Brew Festival is held, which offers the many passionate and discerning beer connoisseurs well-brewed beer and specialties in all shapes and sizes.

When the award-winning Blues Heaven Festival kicks off, it attracts audiences from the farthest reaches of the globe, all coming to Arena Nord, to be enthralled by the many artists playing the most sublime blues.

Arena Nord, Harald Nielsens Plads 9, 9900 Frederikshavn, +45 96 20 10 50,

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