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The Ancient Road from Frederikshavn is perfect for an adventure trip by bike or on foot

From Frederikshavn to Jyske Ås

Along the way you come through the beautiful hilly landscape southwest of Frederikshavn. First along the small side roads along Bangsbo Ådal, then by gravel road through the area Hestvang, and then through the hilly landscape to Hørbylund Hovedgård. When you have come this far, the trip continues through a flatter landscape over a large plateau, which is an old fjord arm, to Østervrå. The stretch ends at Nymølle Bæk, one of Vendsyssel's most fantastic nature areas, right on the edge of Jyske Ås.

Bangsbo area
A few kilometers south of the center of Frederikshavn, you come to the Bangsbo area. Here there are many opportunities for experiences and stays. You will find i.a. Bangsbo Deer Park, Bangsbo Botanical Garden, Bangsbo Museum, Bangsbo Manor, Nature Playground etc. You can also make a detour up on Pikkerbakken, where you have spectacular views over the city, Ålbæk bay and if the weather wants you can see all the way to Skagen. You can cycle all the way to the top along a gravel road.

Further from Bangsbo, you drive through the beautiful Bangsbo Ådal past Donbæk burial ground and Kongehøjene.

Kongehøj and Borgbjerg
Kongehøj and Borgbjerg, which can be seen from the road, are part of Donbæk Gravpladsen, where 60 mounds have been registered, which are spread over a narrow strip across the hilly landscape. At the beginning of the 20th century, a number of urn graves from the Late Iron Age were found, as well as various objects, including a gold bracelet. Archaeologically, it is a very exciting locality, where new finds and observations appear every few years. There is public access to the area, so everyone has the opportunity to walk in and look at the burial mounds.

From Bangsbo Ådal you turn south along Hestvangsvej, which is a relatively long gravel road that meanders in the most beautiful way through the beautiful hilly landscape. Here you feel really far away from everything. Enjoy the ride and disregard the fact that it is a dirt road.

Understed shelter
Well through the gravel road you cross the Ancient Roads walking route. If you turn east on the hiking route approx. 500 meters you will find a nice and very peaceful shelter site at the institution Granly.

Karup and Hørbylund
You leave the hiking route to continue in the hilly landscape to Karup. From here you follow the hiking route approx. 4 km past Karup Church and a sacred spring, called Holy Øbben. You also pass the manor Hørbylund and in this place you are approx. halfway between Frederikshavn and Jyske Ås.

Gersholt lake
The trip from Hørbylund to Østervrå runs along more open and flat stretches. Here you get rid of the many hills, and can get a few kilometers in the legs. Along the way you pass a small collection of houses called Søholt and Gersholt lake. Gersholt lake is Vendsyssel's largest lake. At Søholt, there is a regional cycle route (Route 61) from over Tolne towards Skiveren. The last stretch to Østervrå you drive on a large open plateau with a beautiful view of the landscape. You drive at the end of an old fjord arm, called Volstrupsletten. So the water once went all the way to Østervrå.

In Østervrå there are shopping opportunities. Here you will also find a swimming pool where you may be able to get a much needed bath. There is also a small shelter in Østervrå. It is located by the sports field on Bredgade.

Nymølle Bæk
From Østervrå you drive along tiny small roads through a really beautiful landscape with peace and quiet. You pass the Voer river, which flows into the sea at Voerså. At the start of the Nymølle Bæk conservation area, you cross the hiking route again. Right here it is recommended to take a break from cycling and go for a walk by Nymølle Bæk, which is located in one of Vendsyssel's most beautiful natural areas. Here are, among other things, beech forest, meadow, heath, pastures, streams, lakes and swamps.

If you follow the route along Nymølle Bæk, you will come across a beautiful old block stone bridge. The bridge was built after the 17th century - the exact year is not known. Ingeborg Skeel (ca. 1545 - 1604) was a landowner at Voergaard Castle and at the end of the 16th century ran a glassworks at Nymølle Bæk. Where the glassworks was located, you can still find shards of glass from that time.

Well further from the Nymølle Bæk area, the trip continues along the small roads. After a few kilometers, the Hærvejs cycle route turns left - south. If you are in need of an overnight stay, you continue instead straight west, along the regional cycle route (Route 60), after approx. 500 meters you come to a large shelter site, Naturskole Lunken.

If you instead continue along the Hærvejs cycle route to the south, you will quickly come to a large road, if you leave the route here and drive to the left along the road - ie to the east - you will after 1.5 km to a small town Brønden. Here is also a really nice shelter site.

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