Put on an old sweater and go angling.

In Skagen and the surrounding area, there are many opportunities for angling. The harbour of Skagen has just expanded its area, and here awaits a large inviting pier area, which has already become the favorite place for many of the local anglers. It is also possible to fish from the pier in cozy Aalbæk.

If you want to fish directly from the beach, it is also possible in both the Skagerrak and the Kattegat. You must be aware that the water on the Skagerrak side quickly becomes deep, and therefore the fish search close inland for food. On the Kattagat side, it is often necessary to wade a bit out to sea before you cast your line. No matter what sea you fish in, you may be lucky enough to catch a sea trout.

If you are between 18 years and up to old-age pension age, you must buy and bring a valid fishing license. You can buy the fishing license online at www.fisketegn.dk, or you can buy one in the Top of Denmark's store at Sct. Laurentii Vej 6B.

What you can catch: Cod, plaice, herring, hornfish and mackerel depending on what time of year you fish

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