Anchers Hus houses the incredibly well-preserved collection of the family's private belongings, furniture and not least their art collection. When you visit the house, you can walk through the family living rooms, visit the artist couple's two beautiful and different studios, and see the family bedrooms.

Get an insight into the artist couple Anna and Michael Ancher's life, their time and not least their central roles in the artist colony in Skagen. The house and the large, surrounding garden formed the framework for both the Skagen painters' everyday life and parties and were often used as a motif - for example, P.S. Krøyer whose famous painting Hip, Hip Hurray! was painted right here.

The artist couple moved into the house in 1884, the year after they had given birth to daughter Helga. At that time, the house consisted only of the long, low length that runs along Markvej, but it grew with time. The famous architect Ulrik Plesner designed an extension with studios, which was built in 1913 and connected with the original long the family had moved into.

The family was known for its open doors and socialized with both outside artists and locals. Step inside Ancher's House and hear the whole story.

Saxilds Gaard

In the large, historic garden that frames Ancher's House is the yellowwashed building - Saxilds Gaard. The Saxild family lived here for generations and also ran a bakery. Saxilds Gaard now houses the café Baghaven and their modern sourdough bakery, where you can eat bread, cakes and drink good coffee and wine.

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