Seaside hotels historically

The seaside hotels have their origins in the 1880s, when the better bourgeoisie went to Denmark’s coastal areas, especially North Jutland, in the summer in search of an idyllic experience of Danish nature. In addition, the beach holiday was also a matter of health, as at this time it had been concluded that sea bathing should benefit health. Last but certainly not least, annual visits to beach hotels in the summer became a sign of prosperity and profit that could be used to cement its position in society.

In the 1950s, interest in holiday home construction increased and at the same time the transport options were improved so that charter trips abroad became easier. This led to hard times for the beach hotels, but lately the beach hotels have had a renaissance as people increasingly seek out the authentic and historical.

There can be no doubt that TV2's series “Badehotellet” has breathed life into the Danish population's nostalgic spark and has made people want to return to the coasts after the classic experience.

In Skagen you have the opportunity to get the experience at the historic beach hotels.

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