Det Grå Fyr i Skagen

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The Danish Nature Agency runs 'Det Grå Fyr' (The Grey Lighthouse) as an exciting center for migratory birds. Here you get a living (live) insight into one of the world's most fascinating natural experiences, namely the ability of migratory birds to find their way over enormous distances.

Skagen and Grenen are hot-spots for migratory birds who in their thousands - pass by during their annual migration. As a visitor, you get an experience of bird migrations partly in Skagen and partly on a global level.

You also get an insight into the many opportunities to spot birds yourself in the landscape in and around Skagen, depending on the weather conditions and the season. Exciting and new research on migratory birds is disseminated directly into the experience space.

Fun for kids

For children, there are customized experiences, and the significance of the lighthouse for migratory birds and shipping is told before you go up the tower. You will also have the opportunity to follow the daily life of the scientifically working bird station at the center.

And then of course you can see the surroundings from above at the top of the lighthouse. Here the view is absolutely stunning.

A little about the history

With 46 meters, 'Det Grå Fyr' is the second tallest lighthouse in Denmark (only Dueodde Lighthouse on Bornholm is taller - by one meter). Det Grå Fyr was inaugurated and lit for the first time on November 1, 1858, half an hour after sunset.

The lighthouse was designed by the Danish architect N.S. Nebelong, and it took 4 years and cost 200.000 rigsdalers to build. The lighthouse's rotating lens weighs just over two tons and floats on mercury. The light source was a 400 watt sodium lamp.

The light from the lighthouse could be seen at a distance of 20 nautical miles as a flash every four seconds, and it was built in the middle of Odden, so there was equal distance to both the adjacent waters - Skagerrak and Kattegat.
The ascent to the tower is by the brick spiral staircase, which winds like a hollow cylinder and has 210 steps.

Det Grå Fyr, Fyrvej 36, 9990 Skagen, +45 72 10 90 11,,

Udstillingen Vilde Hjem i Det Grå Fyr

Wild Homes - an exhibition

Experience a wild, fun and beautiful exhibition about birds and the nature in and around Skagen.

Artist Kigge Mai White interprets nature with plants, dead frogs, microscopes, light, sound, trees and artificial flowers.

You can see inflated toads, overgrown mushrooms, lush plastic magnolias, poetic summer mornings, waddling brush worms, blossoming beauty and screaming cormorants.

The exhibition is for both children and adults, and it is certain that you have not experienced a similar exhibition before.

You can experience the whimsical exhibition in the period April 8th. - October 31th. 2022.


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Det Grå Fyr i Skagen
Experience The Grey Lighthouse

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Det Grå Fyr arrangement
Mandag 25. juli kl. 13-14

Ringmærkningstur i Fyrhaven

Måske du er så heldig at opleve, at en fugl fanges undervejs på denne tur for hele familien. Få et godt indblik i forskningens og trækfuglenes verden.

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Det Grå Fyr arrangement
Mandag 17. okt. kl. 13-13.30

Åben fryser

Der skal ryddes op, så der bliver plads til nye ting i Fuglestationens fryser. Kom og se på de mange fugle der er indleveret i årets løb og lær om deres liv.

Dette arrangement er gratis

Det Grå Fyr arrangement
Onsdag 19. okt. kl. 10-11.30

Familietur til Kabeltromlen

Kom med ud til fuglestationens ringmærkningssted - Kabeltromlen. Se hvordan de dygtige ringmærkere arbejder med de indfangede fugel.

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