Kulturhus Kappelborg

The happening place in Skagen

Skagen Kulturhus Kappelborg is the place where people of all ages gather for concerts, stand-up shows, talks and much more. 

Inside and outside. Summer and winter. For pleasure and wonder. For joy and commitment.

Skagen's cultural center is for everyone. The building contains a library, cinema, music school and stage. This is also where many of the city's associations have permanent residences, so regardless of when you come by, the building is buzzing with life.

Both well-known and unknown artists perform on stage, who have something to their heart in music, theatre, lectures and other exciting events. Kulturhuset has something to offer in all seasons, so there is something to experience in Skagen all year round.

Just outside th edoors you will find Skagen's largest playground - the very popular skating rink - called 'Skagen Skater'. Children of all ages can easily spend a lot of time here. Kappelborg is located right in the middle of Skagen with easy access from the pedestrian street, not far from the station.

List of concerts


Kulturhus Kappelborg | Skolevej 5 | 9990 Skagen | +45 98 45 85 00 | www.kappelborgskagen.dk

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