Bangsbo Botaniske Have

Let yourself be seduced by the sight and smell of the flowers

Stepping into Bangsbo Botanical Gardens' abundance of scents and colors, it's not hard to dream back to Bangsbo's heyday, when the gardener carried out his work wearing a suit and high hat.

Here you can experience the old English-inspired park with many benches, large lawns, old trees and gazebo. Here is also a rose garden, medicinal and herb garden, sensory garden, import-historical fruit and berry garden and a collection of bonsai trees.

If you walk above the old park, you come to the actual botanical facility, which was started in 2006 and which now consists of lakes and canals, the world's largest split bed with alpine plants, tuff bed also with alpine plants, forest floor beds, a rock wall of Norwegian granite and various plant collections. eg. the cough collection, the geranium collection, the primrose collection and most recently there are beds with a collection of peonies.

The facility for Denmark's wild plants is the last area in the Botanical Garden that has not yet been started. Work on the area will begin as soon as the finances are in place, and the standard of maintenance can be guaranteed to be as high as in Haven's other facilities.

Bangsbo Botaniske Have

Bangsbo Flower Festival

Every year, Frederikshavn welcomes the summer with a large flower festival in beautiful surroundings in the old park in Bangsbo Botanical Garden.

The flower festival is always held the first full weekend in June.

In 110 pavilions, garden associations, amateur gardeners, nurseries, organizations and associations invite the audience of the flower festival inside to creative exhibitions of garden art and garden accessories as well as sales of plants from all over the world such as. alpine plants, rhododendrons, clematis, succulents, primroses, geraniums, lilies and perennials.

There is ample opportunity to have a good garden or plant talk with knowledgeable gardeners, and when hunger and thirst arise, you can also buy something delicious for the stomach and palate.

Look forward to a pleasant experience!

Bangsbo Botaniske Have, Dronning Margrethes Vej 3, 9900 Frederikshavn,

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