Here you get a true experience of sublime gastronomy

Okê at Ruths Hotel clearly want to signal that the gastronomic experience they provide is not just part of a hotel stay in exceptional surroundings. With an international level of ambition, the gourmet restaurant is an attraction in itself.

During a visit to Okê, everything takes place in a well-prepared and well-planned order. A dedicated, authentic and quality-focused approach is obvious at any point of contact, everything from interiors and raw materials to the very special atmosphere. This overall impression is not limited to Okê or the hotel's facilities, but applies to the entire surrounding area, which exudes understated exclusivity. A visit to Okê includes, of course, a visit to Gl. Skagen, whereby the overall characteristics complement each other, and create the framework for an extraordinarily accomplished experience.

Here, nothing is random, and everything is thought into the interplay between the composition of the menu and the recommended drinks. Each wine is specially selected based on its special character. For example, by being from a producer who emphatically represents a wine district area, a specific grape variety and or method of production.

It's the same inquisitive approach to exploration that applies in the preparation of their juice menu - that is more than just a non-alcoholic alternative.

Welcome to the gourmet restaurant Okê!


Okê, Hans Ruths Vej 1, Gl. Skagen, 9990 Skagen, +45 98 44 11 24,,

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