It is the perfect way to travel between Denmark and Norway, if you like to travel, while you can move around freely and take advantage of the ship's many offers.

A MiniCruise with DFDS gives a holiday feeling full of cosiness, fun, tax-free shopping and delicious food. There are daily departures between Denmark and Norway.

When you sail with DFDS, you get the best start to your holiday. Put your luggage in the cabin and go for a walk on the deck to enjoy the fresh sea air and the view of the Scandinavian coasts.

If you sail from Denmark to Oslo, you can while we sail, enjoy a good night's sleep in your private cabin and get up for a delicious breakfast with the whole family, while you enjoy the view of the Oslo Fjord. Here you will find everything your heart - and stomach desires, so you are ready for further adventures when you arrive in Oslo.

If you sail from Oslo to Frederikshavn, you can walk or drive the car on board Oslo in the afternoon, and arrive in Frederikshavn until midnight. Here you can effortlessly take an overnight stay before your further journey can lead you around to experiences in the Top of Denmark.

On this trip you also have a cabin where you can relax and store your luggage.

Eat well on board

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