At the end of the 19th century, Skagen became home to an artist colony consisting of Scandinavian painters and other artists. In 1908, Skagens Museum was founded so that their art could be preserved for posterity in the surroundings where it was created. The museum was completed in 1928 and has since housed the world's largest collection of Skagen painters' works.

At the museum you can see paintings of i.a. P.S. Krøyer, Anna Ancher, Laurits Tuxen, Michael Ancher, Christian Krohg, Holger Drachmann, Carl Locher and Viggo Johansen. In addition, the museum shows changing special exhibitions.

Brøndums Spisesal and Museumshaven (the garden)

Brøndums Spisesal was moved to Skagens Museum in 1946 - it is decorated with paintings by the various Skagen painters. The space is adorned with a portrait frieze that runs all the way around the hall, showing the artist colony and their circle, as well as a number of other paintings attached to the walls. It was P.S. Krøyer, who began the decoration in 1883 after a visit to France, where he had seen a similar room. To protect the paintings, the hall was moved to the museum, where it can still be experienced.

Havehuset, which was Anna and Michael Ancher's first shared home, is located in Museumshaven and it now houses a delicious café, which abounds with homemade cakes and good coffee. In addition, the garden houses a small grain drying warehouse where P.S. Krøyer decorated one of his first studios and the garden is also adorned with a number of historic flower and plant varieties.

Skagens Museum, Brøndumsvej 4, 9990 Skagen, +45 98 44 64 44,,

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